Enjoy God

From Seat Tac, Washington

Enjoy God,
Cheer when you see him!

Psalms 68:4 or 5 Message

What an exciting and tantalizing way to describe our relationship with God!

Stand Tall

Ladies, if we had been born a generation or so ago we would have been encouraged, prodded and demanded to have “good posture”. Perhaps, some of you had mothers, sisters, aunts or grandmothers who would admonish you to “stand up straight”, “walk tall” or “get your head up”. Some of you shorter women probably didn’t have this problem because you were always conscious of getting the most out of the height God had given you!

Why REAL Women?

Real Women! The title comes from my sincere belief that God uses ordinary vessels to do extraordinary things! To become a woman God can use to the fullest extent, we must first be REAL. This is a process. the longer we walk with God and allow His Holy Spirit to work within our lives the more completed we become in whom He desires us to be!

A real individual is one who is authentic, one who is genuine, honest, sincere and true to herself and her God.

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