She said yes.

Mother's Day is fast approaching.
My mother joined Jesus in 1990--26 years ago.  I miss her even
though she and I had a complicated relationship.  Last night I was talking
about her with my housemate, Emily.  It made me realize, once again, God's
hand in the events of her and my father's life that led to my life.  Early
on in their marriage, my parents were pregnant with twins!

Prayer Works 2!

Prayer Works!

I ask you again, does God give you the Holy Spirit and work
miracles among you because you obey the law?  Of course not! It is because
you believe the message you heard about Christ!  Galatians 3:5


Yesterday was a day of celebration at our house.  Elina Haslet turned 5 years old.  The Most Amazing thing happened as we watched her open her gifts--she absolutely began to blow up with excitement.  Her soul was touched in the most wonderful manner.  I don't think I have ever seen her get so excited and blessed, happy and thrilled at the same time.  Her eyes got big, her smile and laughter rang out and she was sooo thankful and grateful for the thought-filled gifts she received.  

Strength: Mine or His?

I have been so happy, blessed and excited that with all the
sickness, flu and virus's flying around, I remained healthy!  Both my
daughters and some of their family members came down with nasty virus stuff.
I was so grateful I was staying strong.  Until this Sunday morning.  I had a pretty rough night sleeping wise, but
nothing too strange, so I got up was getting ready for church when suddenly all

He saw the Crowds

Matthew 5:1 One day as he (Jesus) saw the crowds gathering, Jesus
went up to the mountainside and sat down.

Living Easter Everyday

Forget not all His benefits...who redeems me from death. Psalm 103:4

Forget not all His benefits: Forgiveness

Psalm 103:2  Bless the Lord O my soul and forget not all His benefits.  Who forgives all my sins.

Triple Celebrations

Growing up as a triplet, birthdays were always a group celebration.  Our mom would bake and beautifully decorate one cake and we would share.  No trouble blowing out candles with three people blowing at a time!  Now that we are older we don't always get to be together on our birthday, and we are ok with that.

Lessons from Candy Crush Soda

Over the last couple of years I must admit to a "guilty pleasure"...that of playing Candy Crush computer games.  These brightly colored candy shaped games caught my attention and unfortunately caused me a bit of guilt for the number of minutes I have spent on them.  Then I began to realize that they actually have helped me in some un-expected ways.  

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