Real Women

The time of refresing is here, don't miss it

Sisters, Please take time to enjoy the Spring time—as your soul is refreshed, you will be a better daughter, mother, employee and believer.  God sends the spring to remind us of His Hope, Love and Future.  

Psalm 39:7    “And now, Lord, what do I wait for?   My hope is in You.  Enjoy the journey as you wait for Him to reveal Himself to you, to bring solutions to any problems, or just grow in your friendship with your Savior.

"that they all may be one"

One of the most painful issues a parent must deal with is watching and listening to their children misunderstand, fight and bicker among themselves. I believe it must be the same with our Heavenly Father. Hearing His children criticize, complain, and put down each other for their differences must be difficult for Him to bear. Reading John 17:20-23 brings home this point.

Issue 2

Asking the Right Questions

Questions, Questions, Questions.  Questions can be good, useful tools or they can be tormenting weapons of doubt and unbelief that bring confusion and distress as we face life’s challenges. Swirling questions of “who are you?” “Why do you think you can do this?” are tormenting questions; these are not of God.   

Issue 1

Issue 4

REAL Women - Issue 4 - Volume 11


Led or Driven?
Leadership Encouragement: The Tale of Two Sisters
Building Together Across Generations: Mommy, Teach Me to Pray

Food for thought:  People will forget what you said; People will forget what you did;  But people will never forget how you made them to feel.  Think about it: do you agree or disagree?

Issue 6

Remember: He is Able

For most people 2008 has not been an easy year.  The global weakened economy produced financial pressures on almost every one.  Many faced the fear of job cuts and some actually lost their jobs.  Increased food, gasoline and heating prices also added stress to most families.

Issue 5

Maturation: It's a Process

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