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If you influence few or many you are a Leader. The Leaders Corner is written with you in mind. The goal of this “corner” is to meet with you and bring Godly encouragement. Romans 1:12 in the New Living Translation states: I want to encourage you in your faith, but I also want to be encouraged by you.

The cry of those left behind

Article background: The article below was written by Cheryl Musser.  The church she belongs to has gone through some major battles over the past few years.  This has resulted in some casualties. As the church administrator, she, along with the pastors and elders are presented with the facts of church life that are not very pleasant.  Here are some very honest and challenging emotions and feelings that we all go through when some one leaves a church due to hurt feelings, disagreements or perhaps a growing coolness to the things of the Lord.  Cheryl read via Facebook how a former church family had found this wonderful new church, a very painful way to discover that they had, in fact, left their former church home.

Are You Questionphobic?

Leaders are by the nature of their job description, question askers and question answerers.

A Puppy Parable

Picture in your mind a happy little puppy, so excited and eager for a walk with its master.  Jumping, leaping and excited to explore their world, but after a few blocks the little guy gets tired and begins to whine.  He lies down or jumps up to be carried.  The owner has two options:  carry the puppy or drag him along.

Leaders often face the same situation!  The folks who began with great enthusiasm grow weary along the way and now leaders are faced with stragglers, whiners or sometimes drop outs.  How can a leader re-focus tired and weary workers?

Rules Verses Tools

This summer we had the joy of stopping by our dear friends home, Jim and Jean Stephens.  They have been married 45 years, and have almost the same number of years in ministry service to the Kingdom.   They are well established and experienced in the things of God. So when Jim shared a book with us called “Contrarian’s guide to

Tale of Two Sisters

 Philippians 4:2-4
2 I entreat and advise Euodia and I entreat and advise Syntyche to agree and to work in harmony in the Lord.

Pursue Virtue

What a wonderful privilege it is to serve Him. The joy of watching others grow in Him due to our influence is so satisfying. At the same time, it is a sobering responsibility that we carry and it affects every aspect of our lives. I have been re-reading through the books of Timothy looking for the wisdom Paul shared with Timothy on how to be a good leader. These books are filled with guidelines, standards and encouragement on how to function as good leaders.

The Blessings of not Knowing it All

One of the struggles leaders face is the pressure to “know it all”. People ask all sorts of questions, and we can find ourselves quickly out of our areas of “expertise”. Knowing how to respond to such questions—even if we are the ones asking ourselves is thought provoking.

Leadership encouragment: Friends

The last two issues we have been focusing on “Friendship Matters”. This poem reflects the desperate need for godly friendship and is a reminder of the needs of those we have been called to serve.

My Friend
My friend, please hear me -
I want to tell you about the pain in my heart
I want to share it, I want you to know –
I don’t want to burden you though.
Sometimes I feel that I might be too much
Weighing you down as I share;
Sometimes I feel you won’t want to know –

A Word of Encouragement: Thank You

Dear Sisters, I join with the Apostle Paul in His declaration: Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God. Philippians 1:3

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